Fast and Reliable Notary Services in Portland and Neighboring Areas

Whether it’s mobile notary services or the more traditional office-based notary services, rest assured that we at Oregon USA Notary Services LLC are able to provide you professional authenticity, testimony and liability notarizations. Check out the list below to see the coverage of our notary services.

Notary Services

If you’re looking for notary services in Portland with a keen sense of detail, trust Oregon USA Notary Services LLC for all your notarization needs. We offer a wide variety of notary services, available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are assured that all of your legal documents are notarized with ease, convenience, and professionalism. If you’re around Portland and require notary services, feel free to drop by our office so we can give you the assistance that you need.

Mobile Notary Services

Were one of only a few firms that offer mobile notary services in Portland and nearby areas. This allows us to provide our notary services conveniently for our clients. No longer would they have the need to go to our office as we bring the notarization to them. This works perfectly for those who cannot afford to travel or are located relatively far from the office. What’s more is that we also offer our mobile notary services 24/7. All it takes is for you to schedule an appointment with us and we’ll come to you on your preferred date.

Service Definitions


A person who serves as a independent witness to the signing of a document, Authenticates documents, Acknowledgment’s, Verification upon Oath or Affirmation, Witnesses or Attesting a Signature, Certifying to a copy of a document, and he IS NOT Licensed as a Attorney to practice law.

Mobile Notary

OregonUSANotaryServices Mobile Notary Service will come to you. We know or clients some times cannot go to a notary public for one reason or another so we provide a service in that we can come to them.

Public Notary

An officer who can administer oaths and statutory declarations, wittiness and authenticate documents, and preform certain other act’s varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction..

Notary Signing Agent or NSA’s

A Notary that has been trained and Certified to work within the Real-Estate and the Market, assisting clients that are buying, refinancing, or mortgage property and the Document’s are ready to be signed by the borrower at the closing of the transaction.

Certified Notary Stamp

This is the official stamp that is placed on the document being Notarized along with the notary’s Signature identifying that Notary, with his/her Name, Commission Number, and the date that the Commission expires!


Is the Authentication of a official document in Accordance with the Apostille Convention, A special signing established in 1961 for certifying foreign documents.


The Notary is a impartial witness to the authenticity of a documentary and its accompanying signature in that the person signing the document is truly the person that he/she is who they claim to be.

Here Is the List of Documents That We Provide Notary Services For:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Affidavits
  • Deeds
  • Passport Applications
  • Birth Certificate Applications
  • Statement of Purchase
  • Business Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Title Applications
  • Declaration of Trusts
  • Vehicle Title Applications
  • Contact Amendment Agreement
  • Trust Agreements
  • Divorce Documents
  • Home Owner Purchase Documents
  • Mortgage Modifications
  • Promissory Notes
  • True Copy of Documents
  • Certificates

Please take note that we are not attorneys and are not eligible to provide you with legal advice nor are we able to notarize vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, and medical certificates.

To set an appointment or to get a notarization quote and consultation about our notary services, you can visit our address at 7807 SE Malden St. Portland Oregon or you can call our 24/7 line at 971-404-8946 or 503-775-1110. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at or fill out the form in our CONTACT US page. Here at Oregon USA Notary Services LLC, convenient and professional services is always our priority.

Areas Services

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