Certified Mobile Notary Public in The State of Washington

Oregon USA Notary Services LLC is a trusted and certified Washington State notary public that provides notarizations in the Evergreen State. Have a look at our certifications of authenticity so you can be confident that you are indeed working not only with a certified notary agent but also with an agency who offers services with the convenience of the client in mind.

Document notarization can be quite daunting and even frustrating in terms of time and availability of involved parties. In such situations, the signee is strictly required to personally appear before the notary public so that the agent can confirm the identity of the signee and if they are signing the document with full consent. In addition to this, a notary certificate should include a statement from the notary testifying that the signer did appear for the notarization.

This is what makes notarization challenging for some people because not everyone has the time and resources to travel and visit a notary public. Here’s where we come into the picture.

Oregon USA Notary Services LLC is a mobile notary public. In cases where people cannot afford to visit a notary public, we would be the ones to visit you for notarization services instead. While we make it a point to provide our services in accordance to the regulations and etiquettes that every notary public adheres to, we also make it a point to guarantee the convenience of our clients, and we will travel all the way to Washington just to prove this point. We will deliver our notary services directly to your doorstep and we have also made our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your urgent needs.

For inquiries, you can contact us anytime of the day through our numbers 971-404-8946 and 503-775-1110. Let a certified Washington State notary public handle the notarization of your documents. Partner with Oregon USA Notary Services LLC today. Our proven and tested services, along with our day-to-day operations revolves solely around our client’s convenience and satisfaction.